Some Of The Simple Toilet Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

Toilets play a critical role in our homes. However, we often take them for granted. After all, we use them so regularly that it becomes an afterthought. Only when something happens does it gain a significant amount of attention. As with all things, toilets eventually malfunction and break. Thus, it is important to understand how to deal with the issues that you might be faced with. Luckily, doing some of the fixes don’t have to be too complicated. In this article, we will discuss some of the simple toilet repairs that you can do on your own.

Different Toilet Repairs You Can Do By Yourself

1. Running Toilet

If you are dealing with a running toilet, you will want to take steps to fix it. Luckily, dealing with a running toilet is typically one of the easiest fixes that you can handle yourself. While sometimes it might involve much more trouble than you might be able to handle, it is typically a quick and easy fix. One of the things that could cause a running toilet is having a broken flapper valve. When your flapper valve is broken or malfunctioning in some way, it can end up becoming incapable of forming a proper seal. Therefore, it can cause the water to flow even when it is completely full. The best way to fix this issue would be to replace the flapper valve completely.

2. Check The Water Level

Another common problem that you might be faced with is having a toilet overflow. The main thing that you are going to want to do in this instance is to check the water level in the tank. By checking the water level, you should be able to tell if it is too high. If the water is too high, it is likely going to overflow into the tube meant to control overflows which can cause the toilet to continue running without stopping. You can typically tell if you are experiencing this issue by checking to see whether or not the watermark on the overflow tube is being passed with running water.

Solving this issue is going to depend largely on the type of toilet you have. If you have an older toilet with a ball-cock mechanism in place, you are going to need to bend the arm in ensure that it effectively shuts off at the right point prior to overflowing. Whereas, if you have a much newer toilet, you will want to check your manufacturers’ instructions and like raise the shut-off point for the fill valve in your toilet.

3. Loose Flush Handle

Another common problem that can pop up here and then would be having a toilet with a loose flush handle. This can be one of the easiest fixes that you can handle on your own. All you would need to do is either connect the lift chain that runs between the flapper and the lift arm or tightens up the threads that are leading from one to the other. This should allow you to ensure that you are able to minimise the looseness that you experience with the flush handle that might be causing some annoyance.

4. Leakage

Another common problem that you are likely going to run into at some point would be leakage at the very base of your toilet. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue that you are likely to experience at some point because the wax ring that is put into place can wear out over time. Because the water that leaks can be very dirty, it is a problem that you want to deal with as soon as possible. The best way to fix it is by completely removing the toilet and replacing the wax ring. By doing this, you should be able to effectively create a new and effective seal around the toilet to avoid experiencing leaks.

Overall, there is a lot of different things that you should keep in mind when you are looking to handle any kind of toilet repairs by yourself. While there are certain fixes that you might be able to do yourself, you are also going to want to be sure that you know when to call in a professional plumber in Hertfordshire. That way, you don’t end up causing more problems than you started with.

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