Plumbing Rates

Plumbing rates become a factor of concern whenever a house owner has to get some plumbing job done at his home. Plumbing rates depend on the type of job involved and the area in which you are situated. If the job is an emergency type of job or involves odd hours like at night or weekends, then the rate escalates. Then depending on the area the rate also varies; the same job will cost more in large cities, for example, St. Albans or Stevenage, and less in small cities such as Harpenden. This is due to the difference in the cost of living in the respective areas. But generally, there are two methods by which plumbers quote for their services.

The first method they quote is on Time and Material Pricing basis. In this method the plumber charges per hour cost and to this cost he adds the cost of the materials used. Most of the mechanics and repairmen charge this way. Depending on the experience of the plumber this rate will vary. A very experienced plumber will charge more while a plumber with less experience will cost less. Plumber’s assistants and handymen that are employed by the plumbing companies get lower rates than the master plumber who gets the highest hourly rate. And those plumbers who are going through their first year on charge also get lower rates than the ones with more experience.

Flat Rate Pricing

The second method is the Flat Rate Pricing. This rate is based on the type of plumbing job. Here the rate of each plumbing job has been fixed at specific rates and the plumber quote as per the job to be done. Since the price is not based on the time taken for the job to be done, some plumbers do charge extra in case the job prolongs beyond a particular time. This is an irritating factor for the homeowner as this additional cost is not foreseen.

Besides the method as mentioned above of costing, plumbers have included a set rate in order to show up for a job. Those under the time and material pricing charge the extra cost if the job is complicated and takes a lot of time; add the material costs and the hourly rates to the bill. Those under the flat rate pricing charge a travel cost to the bill for showing up for the job. A homeowner has to give in to these extra charges as he has to get the job done without delay.

It is, therefore, better to get estimates from different plumbers under the two methods of costing. Getting an estimate is not hard as any plumber will be ready to give you an estimate free of charge. Homeowners should get the estimate in writing which should mention any additional charges that might be applicable over and above their original quote. This way you will be in a better position to compare the plumbing estimates and decide on whom to hire for your job.