Plumbing And Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage can turn out to be a massacre in your house. What starts with a small amount of moisture can soon turn into something that requires urgent help from water damage cleanup companies. It is not only a daunting task to clean the water damaged area, but the entire plumbing system will have to be checked in order to find out if there are any more vulnerable areas that can cause the water damage.

It is not just the broken or leaking pipes that can cause water damage in your house. There are many other reasons that can contribute to this mess. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by home-owners about water damage cleanup:

1. What is the first thing to do after a flood or if the sewage system has broken down?

You do not have any control over a flood because that is a natural calamity. However, what you can do is, get in touch with a water damage cleanup company that will clean the water that has accumulated in your area. It is wise not to wait for the water to go down because it can cause moulds everywhere and the furniture and fittings can also get affected. Moreover, if the electricity has not been turned off, you should not roam around in the water. Contact a water damage cleanup company and sit tight.

2. What is the black water that is coming out from the pipes after water damage?

If there is even a hint of black water coming out of the pipes or it has already caused significant water damage in your house, you should call the experts immediately. It means that the water is contaminated by all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms. There are high chances that there are chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers that have mixed with normal water. You will often see this kind of water if the sewage system just outside your house has malfunctioned.

3. The water damage clean up professional said that it is Level-3 damage – what does it mean?

Well, Level-3 damage means that the floors, carpets, walls, and ceilings have been saturated with water. There has already been a lot of water damage that you have not been aware of. It has dampened the entire house and the water damage clean up charges would be a hefty one. The floors and walls have to be replaced, the ceiling drywall panels have to be changed, and the insulation too needs to be checked thoroughly. You are most likely to find moulds in every corner of the house. It is because of the dampness and availability of so much moisture.

4. The pipe leading to the kitchen tap has frozen, and it has burst – what to do?

This is one of the most common problems that home-owners face during the winters. The pipes get frozen from the inside, and they can burst at any moment. Once they burst, there will be water everywhere. Although, this water is not harmful because they do not have any contaminants, but it is important to clean it up and get the pipe fixed. A plumbing company and a water damage cleanup company can be called when this happens. Do not take too much time to call the experts because the water can be the cause of growing moulds in the house.

5. How do water damage cleanup companies work?

The first thing that a water damage cleanup company would do is take all the affected materials to a safer and drier place. This can include the furniture, carpet, insulation, baseboard, drywall, fragile walls, and so on. After all the items are safely removed, the water cleaning process will start. They will disinfect the affected areas, dry the water out, and dehumidify the rooms so that there is no chance of moulds growing here and there. If they find any mould in the corners or on the walls, they will disinfect those areas as soon as possible and take necessary steps so that they do not grow again.

It is wise to have a contact number of a water damage cleanup company in your mobile phone all the time. You never know when a pipe leaks in your absence and creates havoc!

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