How and Why of Handicap Bathtubs

Bathtubs for handicap incorporate safety features like walk-in access, thermostat, and handheld sprayer and grab rails, besides the features that are found in standard baths. These special features are to enable the handicapped person to use the bathroom safely without any help. This gives them a sense of independence and self-confidence.

In order to modify an existing bathtub for the use of handicap person, the first that needs to be done is cut away a part of the outer wall of the tub. With this modification, the person will be able to walk into the tub smoothly. A watertight door can be fitted on to this cut off which will allow the tub to be used for soaking as well as showering.

For those handicaps that cannot do without a wheelchair, the tub is made deep of around 36 to 38 inches. The person gets into the tub through a side door and sits on an integrated moulded seat. The door is watertight and when the door closes the water is turned on to fill the tub. The water in this type of tub rises at chest level. The person thus can soak in the water safely. When he is finished bathing, he drains out the water, opens the door and comes out of the tub. These deep style bathtubs is available in a variety of lengths, and some are of regular shape and size while some are square. The regular ones that are specially made for the handicap are just like the deep tubs except that these have a power seat instead of the moulded one, and can be raised and lowered while in use.

Handicap Bathtub Doors

Most handicap bathtub doors open inside this is done so that when the tub is filled with water, the pressure of the water makes the door watertight. But the ones that are meant for people on the wheelchair have doors opening outside. These tubs are designed in such a manner that a person can sit and turn around and smoothly slide into the integrated seal.

The handicap bathtubs can incorporate handheld sprayers, shower curtain and overhead showers. The advanced models are provided with different temperature controls for the showerhead and the bathtub filler so that the temperature of the water from the shower head is less than the bathtub filler temperature. Some tubs incorporate air and water jet system to give the handicapped person a soothing massage action in order to stimulate their muscles. Find more info about plumbing services in St. Albans on our website.

Handicap bathtubs are not only for the handicaps, these tubs can be used by very old persons and also by those who have mobility issues. Therefore if you have such an unstable person in your home, you can think of installing a bathtub meant for handicaps.